Starting the Novel

I’ve already written (or at least done the first draft of) one novel. However like all first novels it was autobiographical and probably quite libellous, as well as far too short. That’s in the Scrivener filing cabinet for when I feel is a good time to go back to it.

I’m about to start on novel number two – this time for real.

The title is the Revolutionary Tapestry as it is an alternative world novel where a series of changes mean a proto internet is around based on a combination of radio and punch card style computing which sends text across the globe to be printed as newsheets across the globe.

The technology started in a France where the Communards pressed home their advantage against government forces and got them to surrender, rather than resting on their laurels and partying. France is also exploiting the oil which is just off its coastline rather than further up the North Sea basin.

The third fundamental change is that this is a world where conspiracies work rather than being as ineffectual as they are in our world. That kind of “join the dots” history is great fun but I don’t really buy the idea that some secret cults are running the world, or that the moon landings never happened and the mass membership of the NRA killed Kennedy.

The hero is a journalist working for several of the hundreds of free newspapers circulating the globe with the Revolutionary Tapestry of the title, sparking uprisings and revolts in lots of other countries. His best friend is Alfred Jarry whose Ubu Roi is about to be premiered. After a terrorist bomb explodes his life does to as he is pursued by a set of different conspiracy groups all thinking he has the key to their plots, while he tracks down the mysterious Fantom behind the terrorism.

This gives me a chance to write about the city, period and artists I love without having to stick too closely to historic facts – although I have done a lot of research about the period as the people and architecture would not be too changed – only the politics and the technology.

Watch this space for progress….

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