Getting Ready for Edinburgh


I’ve not posted much recently as we have been preparing for Jules one woman show at the Edinburgh Fringe My Sister Says I’m Special.

With four days to go until we travel the 450 miles there and just over a week until the show starts there is still a lot of things to do. The show is written and rehearsed and the posters and leaflets, equipment and the hippopotamus suits are all here (don’t ask). The first press release has been sent and the second is about to go out and the media packs just need to be printed out and assembled. I’ve even remembered to buy blu tack to out the posters up.

I now have a wall filled with lists – what we till have to do, what to remember to take, and the diary of what we are definitely doing – busking and drop in slots at other comedy shows, the media photo event, various launch and other “social” events – as well as a list of other people’s shows we may go to see while we are there.

There is a lot of work to prepare properly and a lot of expense – accommodation at festival time in Edinburgh is not cheap. However it should all be worth it. Jules works a lot better with more space than is usually available in a five minute slot. These work best for comedians who do jokes. If you are a storyteller, or, like Jules, you do comic songs, you need more space.

Still, I’m not fully looking forward to handing out flyers in one of those hippo suits if the weather is as hot as it has been, and even less I the Scottish rain no matter how much fun it will be.

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