Edinburgh – the adventure begins


Jules and I are in Edinburgh with our son Phil and Bo the dog. Everyone apart from Bo are here to support Jules’ first one woman show My Sister Says I’m Special.

Yesterday was the first performance of the show and Jules’ first busking slot at the mound. Both went really well and she has had her first positive customer review on twitter https://twitter.com/iamjulesmaxine. As well as being the tech for the show (and coping with a mysterious echo on the PA today which we discovered with 15 minutes to curtain up) Phil has done a great website for Jules at www.julesmaxine.com with links to all of the videos pictures etc. I’ve been busy doing the admin – picking up passes etc – and doing the PR – media releases, postering, leafleting, talking to the Festival Press Office and posting lots of stuff on social media. Oh, and appearing in a Qtapotamus suit.

Bo has been relaxing and being quite well behaved for a Border Collie. We are training him up to sit on a blanket while we are busking, or possibly have a collection cup round his neck.



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