Edinburgh -one week in

One week in and we are still enjoying Edinburgh. As well as being co-tech with Phil setting up the show and busking sessions , I have been wandering around town dressed as a Qtapotamus with him and been in the Qtapotamus exercise class with Jules.

I’ve also been keeping all the social media stuff up to date – quite a big job as Phil has now set up Jules website www.julesmaxine.com with links to all the material including videos, media pack info, pictures etc, and posting new stuff to facebook, twitter, flikr etc – both Jules pages and my own, and keeping up to date with correspondence on our email accounts about potential drop in slots.

We’ve only managed to see a couple of shows so far – apart from ones Jules has done slots in – the best being John Otway who was wonderful as always despite having to cut short his set and suffer the sound check of the Spanish balladeer who had double booked the venue.

Phil goes back tomorrow and Jules sister Donna and her husband Chris arrive Monday. Week two? Bring it on!IMG_1175 

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