Interesting audiences

We’ve had a number of interesting audience members at Jules’ show My Sister Says I’m Special.

Part of what makes Jules great is her ability to get the audience involved and feel as if they are having a show in their living room rather than the more formal environment of a comedy club. Her background as a youth worker also means she has a great grasp of when people have something to disclose – generally when she asks them a question and they look at someone else before answering.

We had a group of students in today who started off hung over and tired after a heavy weekend and ended up disclosing they had been to a gay bar where one had managed to pull an older gay man, one (who was a lesbian) saying she had had sex in the toilets with a transsexual man, and a third admitting he had had a blow job from a man despite being straight.

At another session a man told her he had an erection as a five year old and was upset when his father refused to explain what was happening It was his first attempt at heckling and we were not sure he had fully grasped the principle.

Others were less surprising – a deep sea diver who, when teased about whether that meant he went down regularly said he did but his girlfriend didn’t like it, and a man who said his name was Manuel and was a waiter from Barcelona who then was a target for lots of jokes.

And many more I shouldn’t discuss!

Best of all, they all seemed to enjoy it and didn’t regret participating and thanked Jules afterwards for a great show.

As well as being great on the day, it is storing up lots of comedy for future sets.

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