Life is a cabaret

Jules and I have been busy over the last month getting our cabaret nights at Lowestoft off the ground – first one this evening and then every fortnight at the Seagull Theatre.

The idea behind them was the pain of travelling three hours each way to London to do a five minute comedy spot. If Jules found it a challenge to get a gig in this area, then there should be lots of other talented people with the same problem. The only way to improve your performance is to perform, but if there are no venues around how do you do that? And if lack of experience means the first few gigs are not a great success, that long drive back seems even longer.

With  lot of publicity online and in local media we have eight acts tonight and some lined up already for future shows. They range from performance poets to comedians (including none who has braved the Lowestoft/London journey the other way) to a drag act and a character comedian/singer. Plus me singing a couple of my own songs and Jules compering. variety seems to be making a bit of a comeback on TV with Britain’s Got Talent and the Palladium so fingers crossed.

The intention is to provide a showcase where the atmosphere is friendly and supportive and people are not scared to make mistakes as well as get positive support. The best will get progression to a longer spot on nights we will put on in the main auditorium rather than the bar area where the normal nights take place.

I’m looking forward to performing as well as being general factotum – I used to sing in folk clubs,  but most of them have disappeared, and playing again may encourage me to perform in more general open mike nights. Writing does not provide much in the way of immediate feedback so putting myself in front of an audience will be frightening but fun.

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