Business in the internet age


I’ve been doing some work helping my sister in law set up her online presence for her business Asmarabella Art .  The first job was to brainstorm what she felt her art was.  After an hour with a flip chart what we came up with was:

Asmarabella Art– art from the heart
Asmarabella Art creates beautiful art that inspires creativity and mirrors inner beauty.
Delicate and stunning exquisitely crafted and decorated pieces are designed to touch the heart and open your mind to the miraculous universe around and within us. These jewelled intricate works will give a wow factor when displayed in your home, but can also be the focus of contemplation as part of a spiral of self discovery and spiritual journey.
Many are created by upcycling household objects and making the mundane into beautiful unique creations.
I’m quite proud of being able to encapsulate what the art was about in a way she recognised and liked without being that artistic myself.
Since then I’ve been using my research skills and the joy of following breadcrumbs on the internet to pull up information to populate her business plan. It reminded me that, like the truth, the information is out there as long as you know where to look and what you want.
Having done a pretty thorough job on her business plan, I’ve been inspired to revisit my own and make sure when I launch the short story collection I have a complete plan in place to maximise the sales opportunities. Whether or not people like the stories is not within my control, but giving people who will every opportunity to find them is.

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