Publish – and prepare to be damned


My first short story collection – The Cat factory and other stories is now available to buy from Amazon as an e-book. You can buy it for the very reasonable price of £2.08 (you have to set a price in dollars and this was as near as I could get to £1.99 with the current exchange rate) by visiting either or at searching for The Cat Factory and other stories. Or, you could always borrow it for free if you are a Kindle Unlimited customer (and then buy it).

This is a bit scary – I’ve shared stories with friends but now the great reading public across the world will be able to read and judge for themselves. As soon as you press the publish button, no matter how well you think you have done, the doubts start in your head. Did I sort out all the grammar and spelling properly? Are the cover and illustrations good enough? Most of all, are the stories actually any good? They are the best I can make them without descending into the madness of revision after trivial revision, but how many people will agree?

If you do read it and enjoy it I would appreciate reviews. If you read it and don’t like it, keep your opinions to yourself! (That was a joke – honest feedback is always welcomed).



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