Publish the damned

I was reviewing my catalogue of books about ‘pataphysics, surrealism, and related enthused literature and noticed that there are a number of publishers that come up again and again.

Some of these are sadly no longer with us, but many have stayed the course and there are one or two that have emerged recently so I thought it was worth  giving some details so you can seek out their publications. Most of the books created by the publishers below are worth looking at.

The first to mention is, of course, Atlas Press. As their recently revamped web page says, they have been publishers of the anti tradition since 1983 and they are also the publisher of the documents of the London Institute of ‘Pataphysics. It’s well worth looking at their catalogue as they have added a number of titles which were previously listed as being out of print. Some may be a bit expensive due to their rarity, but others are extremely affordable. Do yourself a favour and visit the website – or after the Covid 19 crisis pop in to Bookartbooks in Pitfield Street in London where you will be able to see all of the titles plus a myriad of other wonderful publications.

Even older are New Directions which has been active since the 1930s after a discussion between Ezra Pound and its founder. It concentrates more on Modernist literature from around the globe, but there are still lots of great books to be found there.

Moving up to 1955 we have City Lights – initially linked to the Beats but with a wider range of literature now including Cortazar, Breton, Daumal, and many more. Many of the beats were also published by Grove Press – now absorbed into Grove Atlantic – who also published the Evergreen Review including their classic edition on ‘Pataphysics. More recently Dalkey Archive – founded a year after Atlas in 1984 – have had an intensive programme of both new and classic books from the alternative tradition.

To mention a couple of newish publishers,Tamtam Books have recently published a number of newly translated titles by Boris Vian and Wakefield Press are building an impressive catalog of titles of mostly French authors running from the 1890s to today.

For those who may be vaguely interested my own catalogue of titles is here: Pataphysics Catalogue

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