Lockdown Stories Number 12 – Stranger Tractor

This is number  12 of my lockdown stories –stranger tractor. This is another one of my own ideas as life intruded so I didn’t get a chance to write any of the ides that have been suggested.

As I hope you know by now I am writing a story a week which will be collected in book form at the end of lockdown with the profits going to a local food bank. If you want to make a suggestion just give me a genre, lead character and location and I will write a story around it. Comment on this post in my blog https://wordpress.com/post/atjentertainments.wordpress.com (where you will find the rest of the stories and more) email to timnewtonanderson@gmail.com or message me on my facebook page Tim Newton Anderson.

This story is partly inspired by a family in joke and partly by Connie Willis’ At The Rialto (we are not worthy). It is an attempt to write a story using Chaos Theory as both a key element of the plot and the structure of the story. 


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