Lockdown Stories No 20 – The Brasher Bat

This is number 20 of my lockdown stories: The Brasher Bat. Sorry this is a week late, but life intervened, and in any case it is twice as long as the usual stories.

This is a Wold Newton story. Author Phil Farmer extended the Game played by Sherlock Holmes scholars of pretending the stories and characters were real by adding dozens of other characters in popular fiction and claiming they are all members of an extended family. This has since been extended enormously by other authors – visit the Wold Newton website for more details or buy the classic reference books Crossovers, Cr ossovers expanded, Shadowmen and Myths for the Modern World.

MY starting point was the fact that P G Wodehouse and Raymond Chandler attended the same school – Dulwich College. Wodehouse left in 1900 and Chandler started the same year. Although there is no evidence they met, I’ve imagined Chandler starting early and Wodehouse staying on for a cricket tournament.

Knowing Wodehouse had written a story The Gold Bat based on Dulwich, which had characters called O’Hara (KIpling’s Kim’s surname) Moriarty, and Ruthven (the vampire in Polidori’s story) allowed me to add in lots of other fictional characters including and ancestor of Giles from Buffy, several people from the Holmes canon, and the cast of the Billy Bunter stories. I won’t say any more to take away the fun of finding the references yourself.

If you like this sort of story look at the Tales of the Shadowmen series published by Black Coat Press.

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